MD Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offer residential carpet cleaning throughout Cornwall.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Hard Floor Cleaning/ Restoration

Hot water Extraction Clean (sometimes known as Steam Cleaning)

How does this work

First of all before any liquid or any machinery is used we will vacuum your carpets and upholstery meticulously then an Eco friendly Pre- spray is applied to the carpet or upholstery. This pre spray is SOAP AND DETERGENT FREE, ODOUR FREE, NONTOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY VOC’S , NO ENZYMES , NO BACTERIA, NO BLEACH AND NO TOXIC OXIDISING OR BLEACHING AGENTS. This is then left to dwell, and agitated if needed. Then is extracted and rinsed using our hot water extraction machine. This will remove the pre spray along with any soil or allergens, leaving you with a clean, environmentally friendly carpets and upholstery. Finally all base board will be wiped down.

Dry Clean Carpets - We use a Host Von Schrader dry extraction carpet Cleaning system,

How does this work

We will begin by vacuuming and pile lifting the area to be cleaned with our Extracta Vac and brushes, then we will apply some special sponges to the carpet which contain one teaspoon full of liquid per square foot, this controlled moisture approach insures the carpet is dry when we have finished cleaning. This method of cleaning is especially good when rooms need to be put back into action quickly i. e Holiday homes, Caravans, Hotels etc. For extremely soiled areas we can use this method with a pre spay and the carpets will be ready to use in 30 minutes. Finally all base boards will be wiped down.

Dry Foam is used on upholstery

How does this work

Sometimes a wet clean is not possible or wanted, as above we vacuum your upholstery meticulously, treat with a pre spray if needed and then we add a Eco friendly, Wool Safe approved product to our machine which produces a dry foam very much like a shaving foam. This traps any dirt to it and then is vacuumed out, leaving your upholstery clean, fresh smelling, allergen free and ready to use usually within 30 minutes of the finished clean.


Curtains can be cleaned insitue first by vacuuming with our special attachments and equipment then applying one of our Eco friendly products and finally removing the product and a final vacuum. We can also clean off site.


All smooth leather sofas will be cleaned using our dry foam machine and then a nourishing treatment will be applied giving them a fresh new look

Stain Protection

After every clean on carpets or upholstery we can offer a stain guard protection this product will help prevent any spillages soaking into the fabric therefore improving longevity and preventing premature replacement of carpets and upholstery.

Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration

We can clean and restore a variety of surfaces theses include: Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine,Terracotta,Marble,Granite, Quarry tiles, Terrazzo,Ceramic / Porcelain, Tile and Grout Cleaning , Marley floor, Amtico & Kardean , Safety flooring

How its done

We begin by vacuuming and dust mopping the hard surface. Then we strip off old sealers,impregnators and remove any residue left by cleaning products. Any damage to the floor is then repaired. The floor is then deep cleaned and neutralised using a combination of pads, brushes and the latest products. The final procedure is to polish (if needed) reseal or impregnate with a minimum of 3 coats. We would then would leave you a bottle of 'Care and Maintainer' and advise you on how to keep your floor looking amazing.

Maintenance Cleans

For those floors that are subjected to heavy traffic we would recommend maintenance cleans. These would be tailored to the specific floor and clients needs. We recommend that every 6 months we come back and the floor is deep cleaned and resealed, giving the floor back its lustre and preventing against wear and tare. Leaving you amazing looking floor 12 months of the year.

Living Room Dust Mite Bacteria Wine Spill Tiled Floor Clean and Seal Polishing Floor

Customer Testimonials

Thanks Mike for comming out at such short notice , you have done a great job and I will definately recomend you to my freinds and family, my sofa and carpets look great.xx

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