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Kitchen Worktop Sanding and Restoration

Worktop Sanding Refinishing

Many kitchens have wooden work surfaces, these often get damaged by the day to day activities that occur in your kitchen. Hot pans can burn the surfaces, water marks are left from cups, glasses and around taps. Cutting and chopping also creates marks and scratches which will allow food and moisture to penetrate the surface causing bacteria to form. As most food and liquids are acidic when these make contact with you wooden surfaces they will also cause damage if the work top is not sealed properly or if the grain in the wood is left standing.

Cornwall Floorcare use the latest in dust free equipment for a hassle free sanding of worktops. We recommend  finishing your worktops with a penetrating oil. These often have anti MRSA and bacteria killing agents within  to give you piece of mind.

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Worktop Sand and Refinish

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Dust Free Worktop Sand and Refinish

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