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Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration


Slate floors are common place across the South West and Cornwall and it has been a traditional building material for hundreds of years. Due to its durability and local availability it is used in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens as well as in pubs and restaurants. There are many different types of slate and although it can be found locally it is imported into the UK from all over the world. Chinese and Brazilian slate are just 2 examples. Slate can also have a variety of finishes from honed to polished.

It is important to preserve your slate floor with a sealer to protect the floor against oil and water based stains. It will also help with the day to day maintenance for the slate and with the build up of soils. It will add longevity to your slate floor and keep it looking amazing for years to come.

Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Slate Floor Cleaning

Cornwall Floorcare can deep clean and restore your slate floor, we use a combination of specialist diamond pads and brushes to bring your floor back to its original grandeur. Once we have completed the polishing we then seal the floor to protect it from water and oil based spills to keep your floor looking great and protecting your investment.

Strip and re-seal

If your slate floor is in need of some TLC due to soil build up in the stone and grout it will require a strip and re-seal. In this restoration process we strip off old seals and deep clean the floor using our specialist machines we then seal the floor to protect it from any stains. This process will restore your floor back to its former glory.

Maintenance Programme

Whatever the finish you wish to achieve we can offer you a maintenance plan where we return in 12 months to deep clean, top up seals and re-polish. With commercial and high traffic properties such as holiday homes this may need to be done before 12 months keeping your investment looking amazing.

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Slate floor cleaning and restoration

Slate Floor Restoration

Delabole slate cleaning and restoration

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