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Marble Floor Cleaning


Marble is a beautiful natural stone, its elegance has graced palaces around the world for thousands of years. This luxurious material is used as flooring, countertops and wall tiles and can be found in hotels, high end holiday homes and other properties throughout Cornwall and the South West. However this beautiful stone does have its cons it will scratch easily and is very sensitive to acids. This means that regular maintenance is needed to keep your marbles elegant upscale appearance.

Marble is metamorphosed limestone composed of calcite or dolomite which has been subject to great heat and pressure. Marble comes in a variety of colours with veined patterns but pure marble is usually white.

Marble Floor Cleaning

Cornwall Floorcare can deep clean and restore your marble floor, we use a combination of specialist diamond pads and brushes to bring your floor back to its original lustre. Once we have completed the polishing we then seal the floor to protect it from water and oil based spills to keep your floor looking great.

Marble Floor Cleaning

Types of finish

Cornwall Floorcare can provide you various options for the finish of marble from a high polish to honed.


We can polish your marble floor to a stunning high reflective finish and then impregnate it with one of our unique seals leaving you with an amazing looking floor to be the envy of all your friends.


What is a honed finish? A honed finish is when the surface of the stone is ground down to a smooth flat texture and provides a matte finish.


If your floor is uneven or has lots of scratches from wear and tear we can use our specialist machines to remove lippage and scratches this process is followed by the polishing or honing procedures

Maintenance Programme

Whatever the finish you wish to achieve we can offer you a maintenance plan where we return in 12 months to deep clean, top up seals and re-polish. With commercial and high traffic properties such as holiday homes this may need to be done before 12 months keeping your investment looking amazing.

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