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Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration

Over time your wood floors can become tired looking and scratched. Cornwall Floor are can sand them back and rejuvenate them without the mess and with no hassle. We use DUST FREE top of the range sanding equipment to achieve the result you want, smooth and flat and ready to apply one of our superior finishes. We cater for both commercial and domestic floor sanding providing free tailored quotes. We are extremely passionate about our work and our customer service.

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration


The sanding process used on each floor differs from customer to customer and depends on the type of wood floor you have. Whether it is a hard wood parquet floor, soft wood pine floor boards or engineered floor boards. We use professional machinery that allows us to sand DUST FREE.

Repairs & Gap Filling

Many wood floors have small repairs and gaps you would like addressing this may be for cosmetic reasons or you are worried and drafts coming up through the floor board themselves. There are different methods available to rectify this depending on the size of the gap and floor you have. At the time of quotation we would asses these and advise the best method.

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration


There are various different types of finish that can be achieved and the one you chose can de dependent of a number of factors, the type of wood floor you have, the appearance you would like to achieve and the future maintenance. The different types of finish can be achieved by;

  • Oils
  • Lacquers
  • Waxes
  • Colour washing

For example if you have a holiday home and would like that beach look we can finish the floor in a coloured stain then use either penetrating wax oil, or a lacquer to give you that ‘white wash’ effect, which will last.

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration

Colour Collection

We Have 24 Different Colours which have been designed by interior designers to fit in to 4 different types of living catorgories.Minmalistic Style x6 colours, Classic Style x6 colours, Vintage Style x6 colours, and Colourful Style x6 colours .We can apply these direct to a sanded patch on your floor so you can choose exactly what colour you would like your beautiful newly sanded floor to be finished with. Just like paint samples on a wall this simple approach is really the latest trend which is catching on massively in our top end holiday homes.

All finishes have their benefits and disadvantages. During the quotation and assessment process we would discuss what result you would like to achieve and advise you what finish would be most suitable.

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Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration


If your wooden floor is well cared for and maintained it will remain beautiful for longer

As with all the floors we restore whether it’s wood, stone or carpets, after the job is complete we do not just walk away. We leave a bottle of maintainer/ cleaner and offer a maintenance programme tailored to your needs. This could be advice on how to continue to keep the floor looking great or scheduling to return, deep clean, remove scratches and top up seals at a later date.


As each job has its individual requirements we do not have a fixed price but we do provide free quotes and onsite visits and will always try and email you a quote over on the same day if possible.

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